High-performance, science-driven, omnisex formulas that work BETTER & FASTER in 3 simple steps. Guaranteed.


3-Steps to Healthy Skin

1. HONEY Cleanse - RENSE does the work of a double-cleanse and makeup remover in one step. Apply to DRY skin then emulsify with warm water. Clean & clear.

2. HONEY Treatment - AKTIV soothes and repairs ongoing skin issues using the natural power of honey. Fast-absorbing & balanced.

3. HONEY Hydrate - HYDRO-HONEY serum-moisturizer delivers optimal hydration levels for 48 hours. Soft & smooth.

  • Why Men Love VALOIE Too

    VALOIE SKINCARE is designed to help men solve their beard care, shaving irritations, and all-over body concerns with our non-toxic formulas...

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  • More Than Just Your Face

    Discover how VALOIE SKINCARE can be used to treat skin issues relating to irritations and breakouts on your back, butt, arms, and more...

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  • Fewer But Better

    Our chemists successfully formulated an advanced, hybrid skincare technology that combines active ingredients while honoring our CLEAN BEAUTY standards...

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