OMNISEX skincare can exist

He has oily skin and breakouts.

She has dry skin and anti-aging concerns.

Now, they both win.

Why Honey?

Our HONEY-INFUSION COMPLEX with CERAMIDES, NIACINAMIDE & HYALURONIC ACID help sooth and heal the skin's surface barrier while restoring a healthy balance and glow.


STRONG but CLEAN formulas you can trust.

We sourced the best ingredients from over 40 countries, gathered the top chemists in the world, designed new encapsulated-layer technology so our products WORK as hard as you do.


    Conceived and built on the principal that every face can achieve a healthy, balanced GLOW in a few simple steps.


    NO parabens, phthalates, chemical sunscreens, sulfates, silicones, polypropylene, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, toluene, metallic aluminum, polyethylene glycols, triclosan, talc, mineral oil, or petrolatum.


    The active ingredients we use are in formats most desirable for the skin at both the beginning and the maintenance stages of skincare... so you can achieve true BALANCE without irritation in less time.


    We combined an entire 12-step routine into 3 simple steps for a fraction of the price. Luxury has never looked - or felt - so good.

In the Lab: Behind the Scenes

Designed by award-winning entrepreneur, Jayme Valo, who worked alongside carefully selected, award-winning chemists using advanced skincare technology to deliver multi-functional formulas that work better and faster.


"I committed to 30 days and only used RENSE + HYDRO-HONEY twice daily; my skin was total transformed."

"OMG...I love this stuff! My husband stole my first set for the gym. My mom stole my second set for her trip to Europe. My daughter took a set and takes it everywhere. Now I have to get multiples but sooo worth it!. I've never had a brand we all love so much."

"I'm 50 and taking care of my skin is paramount. Valoie rivals the luxury brands I've been using for decades...and in fact, is honestly better, cleaner, easier."

"I was going to try acne Rx but then I used this for a month and my skin cleared up completely."

"It's almost too simple. That's the magic; 3 steps and I'm smooth and hydrated. And my husband loves it too!"

“I mix it with my foundation and it’s the perfect one-step-solution for me to get a beautiful no makeup look everyday.”