5 Danish Beauty Secrets

5 Danish Beauty Secrets

Danish skincare has a rich and dynamic history. We Danes are minimalistic, rooted in the principles of Scandinavian simplicity. The Danish beauty industry has long emphasized the importance of embracing functional luxury. It's all about nature + science.

I wanted to express this with Valoie, so we formulated all our products with a special Danish-remedy that has stood the test of time. HONEY.

Of course, Danes are not the only culture to have used honey for it's medicinal qualities...it's a well-known and well-respected scientific ingredient for good reason. Still, after years of research, the benefits of our unique honey-infusion logically was at the heart of Valoie's results-driven system.

Here are some of the other Danish-inspired beauty rituals (what I call "hygge-beauty"), I love to incorporate into my life:

1. The Sauna

The hot sauna is one of their secret beauty weapons. Scandinavian women use it to relax and detoxify every square inch of their bodies. And if hygge-beauty has taught us anything, it's that relaxation and beauty go hand-in-hand.

2. Foundation

A solid foundation is a non-essential, and we're not talking about makeup. If Nordic women have a trademark, it's a healthy, glowing complexion. They have a minimalistic approach to makeup too, because when your skin is in great condition there's not much need for anything else. Rosy cheeks and lips with a sweep of mascara is generally all you need. (But GLAM with a capital G is still a fun pastime.)

3. Less is More

A less-is-more aesthetic is very important. Confusion is the enemy…True beauty is comes first from confidence, and second from effortless rituals and routines that work! A true beauty knows what works and what doesn't and makes the most of her time and enjoyment of it. (I have to say, our Hydro-Honey serum-moisturizer is the epitome of this mentality in product form.)

4. Balance

This one is obvious: balance in all areas of life is paramount. It stands to reason that balance is the key to happiness since Danes are known to be the happiest on earth. "Lagom", a feeling of optimal balance, is also a concept that I wanted to bottle into the Valoie skincare products. Gorgeous skin is balanced skin.

5. Hygge

We really do embrace hygge. Hygge is a Danish word that is sometimes translated to refer to cozy, intimate family gatherings, good food, and candlelight. But it's more a "feeling" than any activity, decorating style or thing. When you infuse true hygge this into your beauty routine, it's all about feeling beautiful, strengthened, soothed and cared for. Valoie is all about the hygge.

Scandinavian women, while we tend to lean toward simplicity and minimalism, have a thing for adding a unique element of intrigue and glow to create a look that's effortlessly chic and fresh. This is what we strive for with our products and it's why we're uncompromising when it comes to quality and performance, glamour and functionality. I think you will find our honey-infused skincare line wonderfully refreshing and absolutely the best in class.


Jayme Valo, Founder

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