Skincare Done Danishly

Skincare Done Danishly

Below are my top 3 Beauty Secrets that will lead you to 'Skincare Done Danishly' that I learned from my mother and grandmother when I was a young girl:

Secret #1

Find your hygge.

Calming rituals are the highlight of starting our days and ending our nights. Danes crave things that are hygge even in our daily selfcare routines. We love that cozy-calm feeling we get when we do something that relaxes and renews us. Beauty rituals, when done with ease and purpose, are enjoyable and not a task that "has to be done" but rather one we "look forward to" because we simplify and prioritize what brings us joy. (Personally, I can't wait to take my 10-minute, nightly aromatherapy bath.)

Get rid of what stresses you out about your routine and replace it with simplified steps that bring peace. Have trouble washing your face each night?  Seriously, try our RENSE face wash (a single step that when applied to dry skin and wiped off with our wet  face flannel, is easier and more effective than anything we've every done before) and see how transformative a quick but effective routine can be!

Secret #2

Treat your skin with respect: Buy fewer, but better, products.

We believe one should indulge (whenever possible) in items that exhibit craftsmanship and care, and will stand the test of time. There is a preciousness to the products Danes use because we know that choosing quality over quantity will cost less in the long run.  

With consumables, I would rather replace a beloved moisturizer every 30 days then let one sit on a shelf for months or even years. Using a beauty product up is the ultimate value of ownership with items that expire or loose effectiveness.

Secret #3

Your skin is alive and absorbs what you put on it. 

We find joy in exploring the amazing power of nature and its active, botanical superpowers that are vital to skin health. Bio-centrically clean ingredients like fruit, plant and sea essences are great contributors to long lasting beauty. And, of course, our famous HONEY-INFUSION, is at the heart of our entire product line for a reason. We cultivate the natural ingredients around us and pass down that knowledge to future generations, knowing what is best for the skin. Because historical truth always outweighs market-centric trends.

But we don't confuse this by denying the value of Science + Nature.

While homemade remedies are good for a quick-fix. We also know the products we choose to keep in our vanities long-term should be created with both proven medicinal botanicals AND clean, safe synthetics. 

When combined in harmony, well, that’s the 'magic sauce' to achieving superior results. (That, and our special HONEY-INFUSION designed by our award-winning, medically trained chemists!) 

NO made-in-the-kitchen-sink, NO bathtub potions here. WHY? The myth in "homemade, all natural" is that they can be really, really harmful because bacterial develops quickly. Balance is everything and we believe in nature and science together in harmony. So unless you are a trained chemist with a lab (we are) , stick with brands and products you can trust without question.  


Jayme Valo, Founder

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