Gone are the days of overlooking your cleansing routine after a long day of work and play; at this point, we’re all well aware that cleansing before bed is a MUST to maintain skin health. 

Honey-Infusion is at the center of our formula with good reason. It's soothing, naturally anti-bacterial, and has moisture retaining properties that delight the skin.

Here are my tricks for getting the most out of our special honey-infused cleanser:

- YOU SHOULD APPLY RENSE TO DRY SKIN, then rub it into the face really working it in. (It will feel thick - like honey - but this is the magic of the process! A little water will immediately emulsify it so don't worry. That's how it pulls out all the gunk on your skin and in your pores gently but effectively.)

- USE OUR SPECIAL FACE FLANNEL (OR A SOFT CLOTH) SOAKED IN WARM WATER AND PLACE IT OVER YOUR FACE TO ACTIVATE THE PRODUCT then use it to massage the product in and it will start to break down all the dead cells, grime, makeup and sunscreen as the CLOTH + PRODUCT work together.

You can use our FLANNEL to easily wipe it all off in one go. Or rinse and re-wet the cloth and use it for a second pass and pay close attention to fully cleaning the eyes and nose areas to remove all residual makeup. No more cleanser is required.

Below, we’ve listed our favorite benefits of this cleansing method, and how to properly execute it in your own routine.

1. Gently Exfoliates the Skin (Physical Exfoliation)

The key word here is gentle. Exfoliation is important to remove dead skin cells at the surface, allowing new ones to be uncovered and better receive your serums and tonics. But when you over-exfoliate, skin can become dehydrated and damaged. Cloth-cleansing with a soft cleanser like Rense is a surefire way to achieve proper exfoliation without destroying the skin’s barrier.

2. Improves the Benefits of Your Cleansing Product

You choose cleansers based on their promising benefits, but without the proper tools you may not be seeing the results you were hoping for. The magic of a warm-to-hot soaked cloth comes from the steam that opens up your pores, allowing your cleanser to penetrate deeper and loosen up anything that may be stuck in your skin. Try including our 100% organic bamboo Face Flannels in your cleansing regimen to maximize results. 

3. Encourages Better Circulation

Using a warm/hot cloth can be a spa-like experience, taking deep breaths as you let go of the day behind you and massage your skin with a soft, warm fabric… Not only is it relaxing, but it also increases blood and oxygen flow to the skin’s surface, leaving your skin plump, youthful and glowing.

4. Prevents Waste

One of the most rewarding parts of investing in a great set of hot cloths is the waste prevention. With our Face Flannels, you get the benefits and convenience of disposable makeup wipes without the waste. Our Flannels are reusable, washable and remove even waterproof makeup when combined with our best-selling Gel-Balm Honey Cleanser.

We recommend running your Face Flannel under hot water, ringing it out, and setting it aside while you massage RENSE into your skin to loosen up dirt and makeup (when you apply it onto dry skin directly, it feels like silky honey and works better when it's non-diluted with water to get makeup OFF in one go). Once you’re done applying your new favorite cleanser (okay… we’re biased), your cloth will be the perfect warmth. Use it to massage the wash into your skin, then for wiping away dirt and any excess cleanser. And voila! Perfectly buffed and hydrated skin is yours. Rinse out your cloth and hang it to dry before your next use.

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