Trying new skincare products can be STRESSFUL. We’ve all been there. Whether we were convinced by an enticing Instagram influencer's post or by a flashy ad on Facebook, we’ve ALL been there…But let's talk frankly about the dreaded "skincare-purge" breakout you're really concerned about.

Trying something new can be an exciting experience, especially with so many attractive products that promise to take all of our skincare problems away. (Oh and those beautiful bottles!)  But how do you really know if a product is as effective as its label guarantees? Or if it will do a better job than the product you’re already using?

Here are 3 ways to know for sure:

Skin is hydrated - not oily, not dry.

Your skin should be smooth and soft, supple and happy with what you are putting on it.  But there is definitely a case to be made about the dreaded "skin purge" although I would be more comfortable if we did away with that blanket explanation because the truth is more nuanced. Here is a better way to decide if products are working better than your old ones:

Skin does not become itchy or irritated.

Anytime during use, if skin develops irritation you may be allergic to something in the formula. In this case, stop use immediately - it’s likely not the product for you. 

Skin is balanced and uniform.

It make take 7-10 days or even up to 30...but skin should start to IMPROVE with use. Hydrated, healthy skin is balanced skin. Blotchy patches or an uneven texture are great indicators that it isn’t the product for you.

If your current regime is not consistently giving you balanced skin, it may be time to try something new.

Is it a small flareup or a total cystic skin-apocalypse?

If suddenly your skin is getting super clean and could get some flare-ups while it gets the built up gunk out. A small amount of re-acclimation to the new stuff, especially when it's deep cleaning or super-hydrating, can be the cause. But if you suddenly have pre-teen-pizza-face nightmares, then you may be in the danger zone. Your skin is intuitive… If it doesn't like something, it lets you know in BOLD. So listen up!

Quick note: Before you start a new skin product or regimen, I highly suggest you stop using the original product(s) you are replacing when you make the switch. This way, if there is an issue, it will be easier to decipher whether the problem is coming from the new products rather than confusing it with a combination interaction. It’s much easier to see improvements or define any issues clearly when you're using only one regime at a time and not hopping around. You can always add steps back in as you decide what’s working and what’s not.


Jayme Valo, Founder

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