What is Hygge Beauty?

What is Hygge Beauty?

Hygge-Beauty is the Danish Art of Selfcare. 

After spending nearly a decade exploring selfcare rituals and the history that inspires them, it was my own Scandinavian heritage that inspired my own selfcare journey.  Perhaps the most formative revelation I had during was right before the pandemic; I had just sold the multi-million dollar company I had co-founded and I was STRESSED (did I make the right decision? what did I want to do now?) Then the pandemic hit....and everything became crystal clear. I was going to share my hygge-beauty methods and beliefs with everyone in the world!

The lesson of hygge-beauty, pronounced "hoo-ga", was taught to me by my mother when I was 4 years old. I would sit on the edge of the bathtub in our modest little home, and I would watch and listen in rapt attention as she went through her morning and evening beauty and skincare rituals. This was "mother-daughter time" with just me and her and it meant everything to me. We did it every day I lived with her, without fail, from the time I was old enough to ask questions to the time I created my own rituals as a teen (and sometimes even then).

It was here, on my little perch, that I learned the importance of good skincare and how to apply lipstick. (Black Honey by Clinique was her favorite...Later, a color I too developed an obsession for, perhaps out of the love I had for these moments with my mother, but also because it truly can be worn by anybody!)  I learned about the importance of steam and cool plunging (a Scandi specialty). I also learned how important these quiet, personal moments were to her each day and how calm and peaceful she seemed in that little bathroom, no matter what was going on beyond that door.

Just to be clear, hygge is a Danish word that describes the feelings of calm, cozy and essential-to-our-wellbeing moments. Hygge-beauty then, is how that feeling translates into our selfcare and beauty rituals.

Ultimately, hygge-beauty can be brought into any selfcare journey by incorporating and being mindful of the way each routine makes us FEEL. The goal? Turn the "have to" things we do to care for ourselves into "want to" rituals that make us happy, relaxed, and more fully present.

I invite you to join me on this hygge-beauty journey. And to discover the truly amazing formulations I designed with my team of award-winning cosmetic chemists and partner laboratories. I can't promise to take away all your stress in life...but I can promise to take away your skincare stress with fewer, but better products from Valoie.

X, Jayme Valo, Founder

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