From Woo-Woo to Wellness

From Woo-Woo to Wellness

The past decade has seen a boom in woo-woo wellness. If someone can think it up, it can become the latest trend in a tik-tok minute.

Crystal-infused water? Check.

Jade facial roller? Check.

Red-light therapy? Check.

Baby-goat yoga? Double check.

The tides however, seem to be turning slowly back toward the cold hard facts. Lately, we have been seeing a new focus in overall health - from flexibility to cognitive function - within the spa and wellness world. Could this be because of the current health crisis, or has it just been a long time coming?

I love having my chakras realigned during a massage and I adore Tibetan sound therapy; don’t even think about messing with my rose quartz pedicures or my zero-gravity baths. Relaxation is all about getting the mind to calm down and the soul to be quiet after all. But I also don’t think I can replace my doctor with my facialist… as much as I wish I could.  

I like the idea of both medical AND alternative medicines myself. For example, I’ve found relief from chronic headaches using acupuncture and back pain relief from cupping massage therapy, but I also depend on my doctor when it comes to maintaining my high blood pressure. And now, since more spas and wellness retreats are offering comprehensive health and wellness analysis, you don’t have to choose one methodology over the other: you can combine both if you choose.

I always expect retreat spas to offer the usual naturopathic therapists specializing in things like improved sleep, diet, meditation, and stress-management, but it’s also been nice to see retreats joining up with professional doctors, nutritionists and biometric therapists.

The self-care pendulum seems to be shifting again, ever so slightly, in a more friendly way towards data-backed science. But rest assured, it’s not leaving behind the gua sha stones or light baths. And that, my friends, is a good thing: finding the BALANCE between science and nature.

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