Multipurpose, Multifunctional, Multiuse.

A lot of words to describe the same thing but what do WE mean? 


A:  High-performance formulas that have more than one purpose and contain significantly more active ingredients than their counterparts. 

Valoie Skincare was designed specifically as one-and-done formulas. You don't need any other steps or products to achieve balanced, healthy skin beyond our 3-step system. Each pump contains the perfect amount of skin-repairing, skin-replenishing actives for long-term skincare. 

Our chemists spent 5 years developing the cutting edge, hybrid technology that went into our proprietary Healing-Honey® Complex. This allowed us to cushions sensitive molecules in different molecular weights so that our special blend of active ingredients could all get where they needed to go, deep into each layer of the skin, more effectively. 

Next, we made sure each formula multi-tasked like nothing else out there!  Here are our favorite things each product does:


RENSE - Makeup remover, double cleanse, dirt dissolver, shaving cream replacement, soothes irritations including sunburn, dry spots, and breakouts, and rebalances the microbiome with every use.  

Use on your entire body!  Apply wet or dry depending on use. Always rinse off.

Everything you need for clean, happy skin in a bottle.


AKTIV - After shave soother, pore and breakout treatment, sebum regulator, skin rebalancer, natural exfoliator, topical scar treatment.

Use anywhere on your external body to repair and soothe.

Everything you need for clear, non-irritated skin in a bottle. 


HYDRO-HONEY - Replaces all other cellular renewal treatments, serums, under eye creams, neck creams, night treatments, masks, makeup primers, and hydration creams. Not greasy or sticky, just silky smooth.

Use anywhere on your external body that needs optimal hydration.

Everything you need for perfect hydration and anti-aging in a bottle.

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