What is HONEY-INFUSED skincare?

What is HONEY-INFUSED skincare?

As one of nature's most revered skin remedies, honey became the foundation for creating our secret 'Honey-Infusion Complex' that we use in all our skincare products. A blend that makes each of our formulations uniquely special to Valoie. (Our products are owned by us, created by our partner labs and chemists.)

Honey, in our opinion, is one of the great superstars of the natural world!  The amazing health and skincare benefits of honey have been touted for centuries and with good reason. It's softening, soothing and clearing. It has natural antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it amazing for treating typical skin conditions and protecting the skin long-term.  And, thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic abilities, it also is good at fighting breakouts and treating oily, acne-prone skin. As a natural humectant, it helps keep the skin moist but not oily. An amazing benefit for sure!

When we designed our clinical-grade, HONEY-INFUSED skincare line, we did so with the intention that we could directly help those who didn't love their skin but were obsessed with skincare.

We wanted to change the way people thought about their skincare routines; taking away the stress of 10-step-regimens they thought they needed to get clear, smooth skin. We instead provided an alternative by replacing their expensive routines with a 3-step, high-performance routine that rivaled the most expensive products at department stores (or recommended by facial spas) for far less money, less hassle and less waste. 

Our skincare line does all that and more...

  • People with dry patches, fine lines, and dehydration were seeing bouncy, plump and smoothness improved.  
  • People with combination oily skin were finally going through their days without t-zone oil slicks and touch-ups.
  • People with hormonal breakouts and maske were discovering new confidence with less flare-ups overall.
  • People with age-spots and elasticity issues were feeling it was less obvious. 
  • People who went on to try a different brand's new product found they could always come back to "base" or "safe" with Valoie...because Valoie helps skin re-recover with ease.  

And the results were lasting. Valoie was changing the way these people actually FELT about their skin forever. And that, was the tipping point when we knew this was the formulation - the HONEY-INFUSED SKIN formulations - that were making this BIG change in peoples lives for the better. Less stress, less steps (less bottles), better results in a formulation they could feel good about using and consuming because it was CLEAN BEAUTYT SCIENCE.

Our mission now is to BRING HYGGE-BEAUTY TO THE WORLD and transform everyone's skin into HONEY-INFUSED SKIN.

Won't you join us?

Happy Glowing, Jayme

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