What makes VALOIE SKINCARE special?  We wanted to create a regimen that anyone - yes, men included - could use to achieve long-lasting skincare health and vitality.  Oh, and to fight wrinkles too!


What does that mean?  They provide a wide range of solutions for just about every skincare, beard care, and shaving issue you, my dear man, probably experience in your daily life.

Our honey formulas are the secret sauce for fighting shaving irritations, creating a smooth gliding surface to shave with, and to double as the best damn aftershave care (no more red bumps or burning) you've ever used for every part of your body you touch that razor to.  And, our formulas fight breakouts on your face but also your neck, head, butt, arms, back...anywhere. (Because your face it not the only part of your body you want to look good.)


Our chemists do the complicated so that you can do the simple — just a two-minute routine in the morning and/or at night. Seriously, you only need our 3 easy steps to achieve total balance and deep-level renewal.

Highly Effective Formulas

Everything you need for great skin is jam packed into those little pumps. (They also look great on YOUR side of the sink.) You’re welcome.

Anti-Aging Ingredients

We all know that you care about maintaining a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance too.  Retinoids, derived from Vitamin A, and are revered for their skin-smoothing, acne-thwarting, pore-shrinking power and we put the perfect maintenance levels into HYDRO-HONEY so you can be sure you are fighting the good fight day in and day out.  

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