Wrinkles, Isolation & Self Care

Wrinkles, Isolation & Self Care

While drinking my morning coffee today, it occurred to me that I hadn’t thought about the need for a refresher of Botox in quite some time. “Do I look more wrinkled?” I asked my husband. “Ummm….no?”. I rushed to the bathroom to look at myself, making the opposing frown/smile we know so well. Social distancing and closures of regular beauty providers across the globe has made this a very relatable situation.

But in fact, I hadn’t gotten more “wrinkled.” My skin was beautiful and smooth where it should be. It had just the right amount of age lines that said I likewise had lived happily in this world for several, wonderful decades. It was bouncy and hydrated. Whew!

As the long days of isolation continue, consumers are opting to invest in at-home tools and treatments more than ever. Online sales and research for beauty categories like peels, exfoliation, masks, microneedling and light devices (to name a few) have soared over 300% in recent months. People are obsessed with finding quality skincare products and botox alternatives. Although professional treatments deliver instant gratification, proper at-home maintenance combined with high quality products can help extend the time between services significantly.

If you’ve been stuck in #iso, chances are your skin has been benefiting from all this time at home: proper sleep, makeup free days, less exposure to environmental pollutants, a slower pace of life and consistent use of skincare products that help strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and collagen production. These are the things we need to maintain a youthful appearance and healthy glow, afterall.

It is in this spirit that I am grateful we waited until now to release our signature product, Hydro-Honey. This hybrid serum-moisturizer is the first of its kind, using cutting edge technology that took 5 years of clinical research and formulation to develop. Hydro-Honey is the single most important skin solution that has allowed me to stabilize and maintain beautifully youthful skin, long-term… as if my skin was always this way (it hasn’t been). And yes, extend the amount of time between my occasional injections.

Hydro-Honey was created to be the ONE product that functioned like an entire line all on its own. Designed to deliver deeply healthy, hydrated and balanced skin, it can fundamentally change the way you feel about the skin you were born with!

So no, I don’t really need more Botox right now. And I’m not sure when I will because the magic of great skin actually comes from making self care a priority, and finding products that bear results!

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