LUX MAGAZINE, October 2022

LUX MAGAZINE, October 2022

From leading the automotive industry to becoming beauty scientists, this couple is pioneering the world of #omnisex skincare with gusto...and honey.

When Nick and Jayme Valo longtime auto entrepreneurs— decided to venture into the unknown world of beauty, they knew it would be the start of a wild adventure.

“It was terrifying,” Nick Valo laughs. “Jayme drove a race truck. Making the decision to get into the beauty industry was insane. Who does that?”

But the couple’s vision was strong: simplified, yet elevated skin- care designed for all genders. During their travels, sometimes ex- tending half a year at a time, the pair noticed how difficult it was to maintain their beauty routines. Limited packing space made minimalism key, and shared skincare products an idea of interest.

Jayme Valo adds, “We’d be managing a multi-million dol- lar automotive manufacturing and retail facility during the day, and testing skincare formulations and meeting with chemists at night.”

At this point, multi-use omnisex products hadn’t been done well, and scientists and chemists needed to be convinced of the new technology. But it was possible, a challenge the entrepreneurs were more than ready to take on with a secret weapon—honey.

“Honey is one of the most underutilized natural skincare solu- tions in the world for every skin type,” Jayme Valo says. “Our R&D team took the time to research how to protect and fortify the skin, while simultaneously nourishing and moisturizing for total balance at the deepest layers.”

During production, the Valoie brand evolved into three corner- stone products—the AKTIV Pore Repair, Hydro-Honey Serum Moisturizer, and Rense Gel-Balm Cleanser—all bolstered by the healing power of honey. The Valo’s son even tested the products before going on Accutane, and his skin cleared instantly.

“Our personal dermatologist was amazed at how clear, yet hydrated his skin was. Likewise, our cousin had severe eczema and Hydro-Honey was the only thing that worked to properly smooth and rebalance her skin and diminish her dark spots. These are wildly different skin issues. Our family started referring to our products as ‘that magic stuff.’”

Valoie currently outperforms even the most expensive treatments on the market, all while rebalancing the skin’s microbiome. It’s the first time gender-neutral products of this level have made such a significant splash in the skincare scene. Even so, Jayme Valo says there is still resistance to the idea that the products are just as effective—simply because there’s no current omnisex department.

“When people try our products they realize how good they are and how great their skin looks, and how great their spouse’s skin looks, and how great their teenage son’s skin looks, and then their mom steals it and looks like she’s never felt more rested, well, that’s the payoff,” Jayme Valo says. “Our products work on almost everyone.”

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