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"Our patent-pending, Healing Honey Technology has transformed the way we treat skin issues and how fast we see long-term results."

Meet Nick and Jayme Valo, the most interesting couple in skincare.  

It took the couple 5 years to develop their high-performance, honey-based skincare technology with the help of several award-winning scientists who created a proprietary honey-infusion complex that proved to effectively rebalance a wide range of skin types, regardless of gender or age.

The Valo's started one of the most important trends hitting the beauty and skincare industry today by coining the term ‘omnisex’ and ‘omnisex skincare’ for the first time in regards to their honey-infused product line made for all genders and skin types.  Additionally, their PRIDExValoie Initiative has become the cornerstone of the brand’s mission statement.

"Omnisex, that term, has never been used before in relation to the beauty industry and I’d like that to change," says Jayme Valo.  

When asked about why this became such an important component in their outreach, Nick Valo responds, “We want retailers to fully comprehend the message we are sending. All people should feel confident and comfortable that our products are meant to serve them with intention and inclusivity.”

And, maybe most importantly, BREAKOUTS ARE A THING OF THE PAST with their new, honey-based technology.

“When we got the final formulations right, we knew it because everyone that used them, be it people going through puberty, menopause, hormonal changes, skin conditions, every gender and skin type, achieved powerful benefits in a very short period of time.”  

Valoie (pronounced ‘val-oh-ah’, means ‘light’) was launched with a streamlined, 3-step routine that stands up to any advanced 10-step regimen with ease.  It’s also clean, scientifically based, and feels and looks luxurious sitting on anyone’s counter. 

Nick agrees, “The feedback we received was life changing, for our test groups and for us.  Everyone, regardless of who you are and what you are going through in life,  deserves great skin and the confidence that comes with that and our skincare helps people achieve it.”  

Nick and Jayme Valo have now dedicated their life and their careers to developing innovative, omnisex formulas that all genders can be proud to use everyday.


Welcome to Valoie!