Dear Customers,

It is with great PRIDE and PASSION that we write this letter in our ongoing support of the LGBTQ+ community. 

It is our mission to put our resources - time, money, effort - to further the conversation and amplify the message that all humans deserve respect, love, and freedom and that being queer is not a political, ideological, or religious belief but rather an inalienable human right that is to be protected and upheld by all people. 

Can you believe that some people would rather die than come out as a queer person in the year of 2022?  That is simply unacceptable. 

Our commitment is that our products always be inclusive and 100% #omnisex, made for all genders, ages, and skin types, equally and exceptionally.  We also commit to lending our voice to queer rights as a daily part of our existence. Period.

We believe hygge-beauty is all about cultivating harmony and balance within your life's routines and rituals and we can exemplify this through our PRIDE initiative.  Every human deserves a safe space (and products that support them) to find peaceful abundance in living a life out of joy rather than fear. 

Each year, in the month of JUNE for PRIDE MONTH, we will give a portion of our annual sales in support of the LGBTQ+ community.  Feel free to put the discount code:  PRIDELOVE  when you place your order for an extra 10% off and we will match an additional 10% to our pledged dollars when you do!  

We know that PRIDE is not a discount code.  We don't do it to get your purchase.  We do it because it's too important NOT to.

All our love,

Nick & Jayme Valo, Founders