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RENSE Gel Balm Honey-Infused Cleanser

RENSE Gel Balm Honey-Infused Cleanser

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4 fl. oz.

An advanced formula that does the work of a double-cleanse and makeup remover in a single step. This innovative gel-balm emulsifies into a silky wash that restores the skin’s  mantle, optimizes pH levels, and boosts natural microbiota using natural honey.

Melts away water- and oil-soluble debris—including waterproof makeup, sunscreen, dirt, sweat, and pollutants—without stripping the skin, ensuring a deep cleanse without barrier impairment or uncomfortable tightness. As a result, skin is cleansed, conditioned, and optimally prepped for product application.

Fortified with natural honey, calendula, plants, greens, Vitamin C, and antioxidants.  

TO USE:  Apply to DRY skin.  Add water to create a foaming wash that emulsifies grime easily and then rinse or wipe away using a clean face flannel.  Follow with AKTIV and/or HYDRO-HONEY.

The HONEY soothes and guards against skin irritation, breakouts, and razor burn. Lash safe. Replaces toxic shaving creams. Gentle on all skin types. Non-irritating, for all areas.

From the OMNISEX skincare expert. All skin types, tones, ages, genders.

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